Schools and Children’s education and care project

Project overview

Australia is a leader in its approach to the prevention and management of anaphylaxis in Schools and Children's education and care (CEC). However, a review of policies and guidelines across Australian states and territories indicated that developing Best Practice Guidelines and supporting resources would help to reduce inconsistencies in anaphylaxis prevention and management.

Based on stakeholder engagement, this project will initially develop Best Practice Guidelines for the prevention and managment of anaphylaxis in schools and children's education and care (CEC) services. Supporting resources will also be developed to help support the school and CEC sectors in implementing the Best Practice Guidelines.

Three key phases of consultation have been undertaken:

Phase 1 – Engagement with key schools and CEC stakeholders 

Phase 2 – Engagement with schools and CEC staff and parents/care givers via national online surveys

Phase 3 – Final key schools and CEC stakeholder engagement

The Best Practice Guidelines and supporting resources will be launched in August 2021.

Group photo schools and childcare

Image: Attendees of the minimum standards for schools and CEC stakeholder meeting held in Sydney in February 2020.

For further information

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