Food service project update

Food service project update

 26 April 2017

Consultation with key stakeholders regarding the content of the online training course has been undertaken and the course content is being finalised and filming of the video content has been schedule for May 2017. 

The content for the website for consumers with food allergy and their families and friends will undergo review in the next few weeks.

29 November 2016 

In October, the first Food Service Forum for Food Allergy was held and was attended by approximately 40 people from key stakeholder organisations.

The aim of the Forum was to bring stakeholders together to discuss the current issues and agree on a way forward to improve the understanding of food allergy issues in the food service sector. It was agreed that an online training course should be developed for food service staff and work on this will commence early in 2017.

ASCIA and Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA) will also develop consumer based resources for individuals with food allergy and their carers.

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